The Designer? or The Platform?


There have been many arguments over the years! MAC OR PC?. Your a great designer, you love your job, and you make alot of money! Should it matter what you use? Or will a mac just make your life easier? Surely if your good, it shouldnt matter what you use! Just wanted to know everyones thoughts on this!​
when I was studying for the first two years I used both mac and pc. I really dont think it make any
different to your designs however I do now only use mac because I think the colour is a lot better
on the mac than the pc but that might just be me....

I guess the good think is I can now use both a PC and Mac when it comes it illustrator etc
i mean the short cuts and stuff are a little different but yer I am not sure is there is much

I do love my Mac tho lol :icon_biggrin:

Good answer Sarah!
I honestly was expecting some Mac fiend to say, Like OMG you have to have a Mac!
Pc's just dont compare.
But as it goes
My Filthy rich boss, which has nothing to do with graphic design has just donated me a brand
new Imac for University! His excuse was "ITS TOO ANNOYING TO FIGURE OUT"
I think if i just shelled out over £1000 for a piece of equiptment like that i would be a bit patient and
work on it, Then again that is how the other half live!
So im on my way to pick it up , so happy days!
and knowing me i will turn into a mac fiend!

Much prefer PC's:icon_thumbup:

Trained on Macs but wouldn't go back...I don't get what all the fuss is about to be honest, although they can look lovely :icon_biggrin:

PC based myself and get on fine. If I had money to burn I'd get an iMac but it would be purely for how nice it looks, it wouldn't make me any better or worse as a designer. It is purely a tool, and a bad designer always blames their tools :icon_rolleyes:
Good Reply. Every graphic i have rendered so far, has been off a 15.4" Sony Vaio.
So i have kind of answered my own question!

that is all :icon_biggrin:

No :icon_smile: there is no need for a debate, they are just as good as one another these days, it's personal preference. I work on a mac.
There have been many arguments over the years! MAC OR PC?. Your a great designer, you love your job, and you make alot of money! Should it matter what you use? Or will a mac just make your life easier? Surely if your good, it shouldnt matter what you use! Just wanted to know everyones thoughts on this!​

It isn't very long ago that it was practically obligatory to use a Mac, in the sense that no-one would give you work otherwise. There are good reasons for this, mostly to do with fonts, and they are still valid, e.g., PC fonts are far more liable to 'dance' when a file is moved from one machine to another than with Mac. Of course, you aren't often expected to deliver print-ready Quark files any more, pdf has changed that. Even so, lots of people in the business are prejudiced against PCs, often with good reason, because they have had unpleasant experiences with them or freelancers using them. If your supplier delivers on Wednesday convinced that the job is perfect and you have to give it to the client on Friday and find that it isn't, it makes your Thursday a really bad day.

Personally, I'm not biased. My wife and I have one of each (plus a little Asus eee running Linux just to run the gamut of OSs). She has the Mac most of the time for the editorial design stuff, I get the PC for everything else. I really enjoy working with the Mac when I get the chance, because it is easier to see what you are doing (it even sounds better), but the PC is much easier to get your hands on the innards and muck about with them, which puts me in touch with my inner hacker. If I had to replace them both with a single Mac or PC I would find it a really difficult choice, but for professionalism's sake (and that of keeping up a professional image), I think I would plump for a Mac. They aren't even that much more expensive than PCs, these days, and if there were as much software available and easy to find for the Mac as for the PC, it would be no contest.
I'm one of those that has been converted to Mac having used a PC since I can remember. In the context of graphics, I think using a Mac is beneficial for the reason that you're not required to defrag, in order to keep the machine running at its peak performance. Do people really notice the difference? well when opening a large resolution file, you tend to really. I find that there are so many redundant processes running on other platforms.

I also find the interface on most programs more user friendly, yet dynamic on a tosh. Admitadely, I learnt everything graphics wise on a pc, but now I just can't justify any reason for going back. There's just something about the way Macs run for me, and I'm really not a fan of the memory hungry windows operating system.

One thing that isn't great on the tosh, is the filing system. I want file x, to be dragged above file y, but it won't allow me to, but then I do have the option to colour files. So doing 4 files at A4 and 3 at A3 etc, becomes that little bit easier to group. Maybe I'm fussy, and a good designer would certainly create good work on all platforms, but it's the small things which can make life so much easier in the long run for me.:icon_smile:
Last year I met a guy that was (according to him) an amateur graphic designer. He showed me his portfolio and it was stunning, it blew my mind!!
After I recovered from the shock I asked him what did he use to create such wonderful artwork. Did he use a wacom cintiq connected to a g5 running Cs4 and painter X?
He replied: 'No, I have a pentium 3 running win 2000, I use PS7 and a Wacom volito'
That proves that the equipment you use does not make you a good designer.
I hate PCs!!


You hate pcs, or you hate windows?

I'd have to say the latter. The only thing holding back the pc is its software. There's some pretty impressive hardware out there. If you're talking about operating system, then obviously macs are better. Unfortunately more programs are compatible with *ugh* windows.
Have both and find that the Mac seems to be a bit more stable… If i have a 'moment' in one programme then i only need to force quit that one programme… not the whole machine. Think that you can produce good design on both if you can produce good design in your head… Love my Mac though! and use it when ever i can.
Must be the antiquanted laptop i'm using… It's knocking on for 4 years old (nearly pre-historic now) and has never been any good at multi-tasking, must have a male processor!!!