Terms and Conditions!


hi all,

Right after a couple of clients taking the piss with changes and amendments etc, I've decided that I'm going to right my own terms document and make sure that every new client agrees to it before I start work.

Any recommendations for what I should include?
just try and basically cover everything.... I have a t&c page on my site if you want to have a little look
Why don't you all get your heads together and come up with some water tight T&C's and then post them up on the forum for others to use, people ask this question all the time, just a thought :icon_wink:
Good idea Boss.... could then be pinned in a " frequently asked question" thread (because there are a LOT of those!!)

(Then we just need to teach the numpties how to use the search function :icon_wink:)
I'd be up for help/collaborating etc, I am sure with the amount of people on here we could bang out a solid set of generic terms and conditions.

However, I am probably not the best guy to give legal advice lol. I need it myself haha.

But I am in a similar situation where I will need to write up some Terms and Conditions for my CMS as mentioned in a previous thread.

Anyhow, keep me updated and I too will do the same as and when I have something sorted etc.
Just been doing my new one today, might need some people to read over it, if any one is interested? I know it's not super interesting :icon_biggrin:
Would anybody be interested in posting what they have done or have so far and then the others can add to and amend it etc until you all come up with something you can use.
Thanks, I'll probably post a link up because it's about a 5 page PDF, it's not as bad as it sounds though :icon_wink:
By accepting the quote, they are also accepting the t&c's (I send both together and reference them in the email to ensure they read them and know they will be accepting them if they reply to the quote) :icon_smile:
Aah, that sounds a lot easier than trying to get someone to sign a legal document!

Thanks Helen, much appreciated.
Hey guys,
Have anyone used Legal and Business Document Template Services - Simply-docs before as I registered with them and subscribed to their business documents. I have been looking over and over but not entirely sure which documents to use?

The basis behind my work is:
Client's website hosting

I am currently working with the Terms & Conditions of Services (Business to Business/Consumer) but not entirely sure whether these are the right one's to be using? If anyone has used this site before it would be a great help. I had also looked at Helen's Terms and Conditions (Although no site is there now to revisit) but as everyone else I haven't had time to collaborate on this subject either.

Thanks all.
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Our T&Cs are emailed to the client along with a proposal of work. The client then has to print the proposal, sign and return it along with 50% payment before we start work. Alternatively they can pay by BACS and send an email stating they accept our T&Cs and we'll attach that to a printed copy of their proposal.