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I was asked to do a new design for a friends Taxi Service.

Here is his old one.


Here the one I came up with.


I'm looking for some feedback as this is kinda my first attempt at this.
The font isn't very 'executive', and the logo (and I'm sure lots of us have done it) is a bit 'samey' - ie lots of people use part of an elipse as a logo. What message is it conveying?
I think with this, less is more.

It should be simple and elegant, without extra 'fluff'. Something like this maybe:


Simple, to the point, and implies quality.

Look at the stationery designs for expensive hotels and restaurants to see how they often use simplicity to imply luxury.
dont like it, the blue shape is boring and as kate says what does it simplify, i dont like the font used at all, and the address/tel numbers look lost on the left side. and what paul said, simplicity is key.
Pretty muh what has been said, Definitely change the font and if you 'must' use the elipse thing could you not manipulate it a bit and make it more of an abstract car form?
Thanks for all the feedback, I will take on board your comments.

This is kind of my first crack at this.
Also, don't know if you have done much design for print so if you know this apologies - watch your Quiet Zone for text i.e no text within 5mm of the edges
I agree with Kate in that the font isn't very 'executive', nor is the entire design really, definitely needs more work. I actually like the almost 'catch me if you can' vibe of the old one. It's still not a great design but I don't think the new one is an improvement.
I like the roads and planes in the old one, maybe you could add a car on the line under the logo and a small plain flying on that blue eclipse thing?
It does look classy though :)