SHOWCASE: Web Design

It's a standard generic layout. Looks OK but nothing special.

Bin the whole yellow header area - it just takes up space and adds no value.

Make the font bigger and darker - it very difficult to read.

Don't make the video the showcase on the homepage.

The most important part of any website is the content. No matter how pretty the design, if the content is weak then the site will fail. So make the homepage copy really pop. Add images and links. Add an image grid linking to the inner pages. Add calls to action.

Put the menu on the left below the logo. Its much more intuitive. Note that a lot of designers like it on the right because it looks good but moving it below the logo it better because we read from top left - our eyes scan down the page not across the page.

Might be worth reading up on UI/UX - this will give you a much better insight into how people use a website.
Thanks for taking the time and reply. You have mentioned some really important points - I'll keep them in mind for my future designs.
Hi Im new here. Just finished my new web page with Drupal 8. Let me know what you think and if you have any advices what I should do better -> kotisivut yritykselle

Language is finnish but wanted to put it in showcase
Hey there,
I recently rebranded my design business (from Eyetooth-Art to Eyetooth Design) and created a new website to go with the rebrand.
You can view it here:
I wanted to create something a little more unique than the standard sites out there.
Please let me know what you think?
I wanted to create something a little more unique than the standard sites out there.
Please let me know what you think?
Honestly it looks little different to loads of other templates out there, other than using 'organic' colours. In fact those organic colours made the site look like it was a 'save the earth' type site rather than one about design services. If you want other opinions it might be worth starting a separate thread for it as it might not happen in here.
Your website for me and remember design is subjective looks all over the show with too many design variations. I can see a lot of hard work went into it though as a fellow designer I'm thinking awesome but as a marketer and analyst I'm thinking nope. All those fancy elements that are already a bit messy ( consumer marketing brain talking ) become even worse on mobile.

Like I said however as a fellow designer I think heck yea looks great !!! But the real world in most cases doesn't tend to agree with us not the people I've worked with anyway if you have clients that love your website as i see you've won and award then keep doing what you are doing. ( PS even though I say you mixed a lot of elements in I really commend you for making them gel as much as they do - I could never do that. )