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Had some spare time so thought I'd try something in After Effects I'd had in the back of my mind.

BTW. Henderson's Relish is a spicy sauce made in Sheffield and "Reyt good on owt" means "Really good on anything"

May I try to show mine?:)


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*thread resurrection spell*

Hi guys, thought I'd share a bit of fun I had recently drawing this dwarf.
The original version was much more detailed, but the anatomy was way off and the more I tried to work into it the worse it got. So I scrapped it and focused on simplifying things dramatically. Here's the end result!

It's not for anything specifically, other than working in my own style (client work makes me forget how I draw after a while) and making things more stylised.


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Hey Jim, welcome back! Love the style. Photoshop?
Thanks Wardy. Yeah I still stick with Photoshop 99% of the time, never got comfortable using things like Procreate on an iPad. I'm sure this could work well in Illustrator as well if it was for something commercial.
Definitely. Yes, I'm the same with Photoshop. Is there an intermediate stage between 1 and 2?
Nope, I just made a lot of decisions at the inking stage.
Benefit of a personal project, no clean pencils needed for client approval :ROFLMAO:
A few more doodles for this guy. No idea if I'm going to actually do anything with the character or not. Maybe use him to fuel some social media posts?