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Hi guys, I would really appreciate some feedback on this logo I'm designing. Its for the Family intervention Team I work with. They work with troubled families in the area and help to return some structure to them. Here are some of my final ideas.

Logos attached,



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hi pete, what is the name of the company/group. I'm struggling to see what is going on with this, have you reversed the letterforms?
The name of the group is FIP (family intervention Project). I reversed the letterforms for the F. The idea is that the 'I' makes a person who has their arms around the other letters but perhaps it's a bit tenuous :s
The idea of the surrounding/supporting arms is good and I like the top left version best. How about curving the crossbar of the f up slightly, and putting a small gap in where the curve of the p meets the ascender? It might give it a little more balance but you'd need to make sure the f and p where still recognisable as letters.

Just an idea.