Opinions Please


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Hey guys,

These logos are for a clothing alterations company.

Just generally interested in some opinions from you guys at which one you think is best.

Any feedback is brilliant.

Thanks :) Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 15.05.16.jpg
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In terms of reproduction, especially in screen printing - the tiny needle holes and the dots, etc. nightmare in production.

The worst I had to print was a TM symbol at 4pt - and that was touch and go, page by page had to be checked.

What I think is that they detail could be too complex for various reproduction techniques.


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I prefer top right... but on all I would suggest making the 'Alterations & Boutique' larger so that it is still readable at a business card size without making the logo massive!

Don't understand top left?


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Thanks for your feedback so far!

True Katedesign, the top left one is the word 'amma' with a cotton reel flowing from one 'a' to the other 'a'.