Nick Clegg's website crashes


Hi all,

You may or may not have spotted our profile on the Employer's Thread, but I saw a very interesting article a few weeks back - I wonder how you all would have designed the website had you done it, and how long you reckon you would have managed to get the website back up and running?

Say what you will about politicians today, they are clearly getting more than expected traffic!

Clegg crowdsourcing site crashes in heavy traffic | Law | The Guardian
I would have used expression engine and squid and varnish over the top of that, if you want to save money haven't read about why it went down other than the amount of hits it received, but hey who would have thought a popular figure and potentially popular site getting a lot of hits :icon_wink:
I would have just used a white page to signify his utter surrender in becoming camorons bitch!:icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin:
Thanks both - very interesting points there I must say!! :icon_biggrin:

Personally, I was surprised that the website crashed, as you mentioned, SURELY someone as much in the public eye as Mr Clegg would have prepared a little better..?:icon_wink:
I can't help but see Clegg as a contemporary David Steel to David Owen type character.:icon_biggrin:

Did he let slip not long back that the Iraq war was illegal?