Newbie Alert! - I need help!


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Newbie Alert!

Hi there! I am a newbie to making websites, I have one but really it sucks it is just text on a template given to me and really it sucks!:icon_blushing:

So last night me and my friend went around other websites to get an idea of a new design and we found one website that we love and this is it: - The Building of Generations nice isn't it!

So today I thought I would make a website and then I throw a fit at the computer because nothing was working so I have signed up here hoping I will get some help!:icon_smile:

Basically I want that site layout. :icon_biggrin:

If we said "Yeah, we'll accept £30" for each website we do, we would be very poor indeed.

Websites don't take 50 seconds to make, they require a lot of research, consideration and thought before even thinking about developing it.
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To begin with you can't just wake up one morning and think 'right, I'm going to build a website'. It's ridiculous. As for £30 that's even worse, as Tim said it takes time to build a website, you have research, make initial designs, get feedback, make changes, get feedback then start coding it, go through everything making sure it's perfect. I know some designers who charge £30 per hour for logo design, never mind website design. We don't even know what the site is for? Which is pretty crucial in designing a site, and you can't just say 'I want that site'.
My advice to you would be get wordpress and a theme. Job done.
What help precisely are you after, happy to offer some FREE advice, as that's what a forum like this is all about, but if you're after someone to do the work for you, I agree within everyone else £30.00 is very unrealistic. Also you need to have a serious think about what you want to achieve with the site, as without the right expertise even if you manage to muddle through and get something half decent up, you probably won't get the results you're anticipating.

I would recommend first and foremost decide what you want to achieve, figure out what the likely return is (being realistic), and then decide how much time/money you can throw at the project (£30.00 is not realistic).

As I said, more than happy to offer FREE advice.