New website

O.k as a very basic website but nothing that makes me go wow (was this done in-house?), those black bars either side don't work for me either, also ecommerce is the way to go...
new webite

Hi Boss i take what you say but it was a freebie in return for some printing and believe me it is a massive improvement on what we used to have
O.k but from a customers point of view I wouldn't think premiere/professional company from the look of your website, with so many printers going online now if you are serious about generating online orders then you need to invest heavily in your website.

It's awfully coded! It' non-semantic, over-use of divs and some very strange javascript

OK, fair point.

It does use header and paragraph tags and unordered lists for navigation. Granted it doesn't use HTML5 semantic markup but the doctype doesn't dictate that it should.

Agreed about the javascript and not sure why you should have to have javascript enabled to see the e-mail address and mailto's are a usability issue nowadays.

Also not sure why there are break tags all over the place.

I only skimmed it and noticed a few key things had been done but you are right on closer inspection. That said, for free, I don't think I'd complain that much.
That said, for free, I don't think I'd complain that much.

Depends how much printing was given away in return :icon_wink:

Personally from a design point of view, it looks fairly amateur. The use of gradients is making it look dated, and as BossHog said, those black bars down the side are not doing it any favours. Then the CMYK thing is such an obvious way to go for a printer, and SO many printers do it that there's a whole pool of lost identities out there, I wouldn't remember you from any of the others.

But, it was free, so, yeah, what can you do.
Have to agree with what everyone else has said here.

Not keen on the grey background, let alone the black bars down the side. Don't particularly like the CMYK stripes, it's way overdone, and definately don't like the grey gradient parts.

All in all, a lot to work on, but as it's a freebie, I suppose it'll do.
premiere press web site

Hi Guy's kind of wishing i hadn't said anything now but i did ask for your opinion and i got it. In return for updating what we had as a web site all we did for the web designers was some desk pads and they are a customer of ours, i know it's not amazing but you did not see what we did have, and since the update we have had a very nice order with a well known refrigeration logistics company who enquired through the web site so someone likes it.
cheers Phil:icon_cheers:
If you like it and it works for you, then that' fine. These were just our opinions from a design point of view, as professional designers.
It works, certainly isn't crushingly ugly and does the job - sure there's room for improvement, but I think on the whole if you swapped it for a desk-pad run you should feel pretty well happy.