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Another site to critique please, the other site I have on here was more of a 'holding' page for the time being while I worked on this one, it still needs some content uploaded, but is more or less what the final version will look like. I know there are some problems with the code, some of which I think is to do with the twitter widget.

Thanks, hope you like!

Chris Borrowdale - Freelance Web & Graphic Designer
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Very nice, needs some tuning, however one thing i would say, i HATE one page websites that work the way yours does. Its so annoying and frustrating...I am aware thats not very constructive criticism, i just think you should maybe consider doing it a normally.

nice design though. thumbs up on that
I like it. The only problem I foresee is 12 months down the line when that 1 page has loads of content on it, load times will just increase and increase as you add more content, what are you going to do about that?
Yeah, that could be a problem however, I'm working on it now, changing to a multi page site, and changing some other parts, got a nice idea for the portfolio page as well.
Hey Chris,
I like the colour scheme, your logo and the simplicity of the layout. I agree with the other guys, I'm not a fan of scrolling (or automatic scrolling). People tend to get bored of scrolling and you're definately doing the right thing by going to a multipage site.
The other thing i would say is that if you are trying to get work from the site business will want to feel confident that you have experience and skills to be able to work on therir projects and I'm not sure your text gives that confidence.

It is a hard thing to get right and we have played around with our text for a long time and I'm still not 100% happy with it. A good example is that you state your age; I wouldn't quote this because for one, it is irrelevant, and two businesses maybe put off by your age.

As a whole I think think you're onto a winner and I'm sure you'll get there. Looking forward to seeing your portfolio page. This is the most visited page on ours and my clients' websites so it has to be good.

Looks good Chris, the only thing i'm not too keen on is the nav buttons at the top...oh and there isn't a link to this forum anywhere :icon_biggrin::icon_tongue_smilie:
Having an attractive, functional website, that shows you and your business or services off, should be something that every business has to have. As well as offering high quality website design I also offer search engine optimisation to get your website more hits and to to the top of search engines, becoming a users first website they see.

^ prime example of babbling on a portfolio website :p

lovely website, great feel, but alignments are way off on the three columns. don't just add text because you can, ask yourself what value it adds and whether it has a negative or positive effect. does it make you want to read it when you see it?

another alignment issue other than your three services columns is the logo. align it dead on to start where the image below starts. it's a tiny, almost irrelevant change but the eye needs it for order. people like sites that their heads can just tune in and go "i know what i'm doing and what this is" + "it looks nice and isnt cluttered".

hope this helps.
The about page feels like it's received a lot less attention than the rest of the site and has bold text throughout. I like the look and feel overall though. Could just do with tweaking here and there to make it perfect :)

Oh, and the list image
on your services page doesn't quite have a smooth edge to the circle. At least not to me.
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