new on here - this is my online portfolio


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hello everyone, im new here!
below is the link for my online portfolio, which is a collection of my best works from the last 10 yrs of design / illustration and photography.

NEWLY ADDED is the guinea pig section at the bottom of the page

comments very welcome.

thanks :icon_smile:
Hi Welcome,

I don't like at all tbh, it looks very 'dreamweaverish' and judging by the coding it is 'dreamweaverish', it looks too cluttered, and not professional at all. Its not very well thought out, and for me theres too many rollovers.

I mean the majority of your work is very good, but it needs to be showcased a lot better, you probably aren't doing yourself justice. For example if I was going to hire you to do an illustration for something, I would rather be able to see an overview of the work you have carried out and click on the one I like the most or the one closest to what I would be asking you to do.

The images seemed to take a while to load as well.

Also, there's no need to post in the web design and graphic design sub-forums.

ok thanks for the honesty!
duely noted!

... i am still playing around with it. and yes all done in dreamweaver (havent learnt flash yet)

also what is tbh?
ah ok.

flash is just something that im learning. i've seen some nice sites in it, and there is only so much u can do in dreamweaver. (the drop down menus are Java)

(also im self taught - so dont really know any other programmes i can do this in! - i dont know code)
Flash is a strange one, you'll get some people saying 'yeah use it, it's great' and others who aren't so sure, don't feel restricted by what dreamweaver can do, there is so much more than just the dreamweaver functions. I would personally read up on HTML and CSS and maybe jQuery for your scroller.
It's ok, I do like it but think you need to minimise the amount of colours that are used, maybe just stick to black and white.

Good luck :icon_biggrin:

Your graphic design work is very good. However your work is very colourful and I agree with Curtis, keep the website to far more subtle colours, as it currently clashes with a lot of what you've done. A black/grey and white website would be great. Get rid of the red and blue. (You could get away with keeping the blue of your logo though.)

If I were a prospective graphic design client I'm afraid the guinea pig stuff would totally put me off. Your graphic design stuff looks professional, the guinea pig stuff looks personal.

If you have to have a link to it at all from your graphic design site, make it a very small box, that looks like a little advert, or a sponsored link, rather than having a huge section at the bottom. I'm a bit confused as to whom your clients would be for that. The photos are lovely, but they're very personal in my opinion. I don't quite see how someone looking for graphic design would be interested in guinea pig photos.

I think you need to separate the two websites out.

Hope that helps - but love the graphic design stuff :)
Remove the guinea pig site.. Its your portfolio, not a myspace or personal blog etc.

The navigation is confusing, cluttered and lacks the creative flare that is evident in your actual work.

The first picture on your photography section again looks like something you'd have on a myspace. Only include your very best work to your portfolio.

As for your art :icon_notworthy: Keep it up :)