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I am just starting my brand name (already registered), I have a logo designed, but have no idea how to get it done. Anyone looking for something to put in their portfolio and willing to help me out please?
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Hi Stef, I'm a little confused, do you have a logo design you need creating in a vector format, or do you need a logo creating from scratch?

Either way, you're unlikely to find anyone willing to work for free here (please have a read of the T&Cs regarding requests for free work). You'll have a better response from designers if you have a budget for the work.
I'm sorry I'm new to this. Someone told me to ask here. I have no clue about designs, programmes or anything of the sort.
I have a design already, but need it created in a vector format.
Hi Stef, if you are willing to pay a small(ish) fee, I would be happy to help you out. It is just a replica of an existing logo you have that you need in vector format, so it wouldn't take me long, therefore it won't be too expensive.
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