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My name is Sam and I own the brand, Speedline Technology. Currently, it is a tech blog and YouTube channel posting the latest and greatest news and reviews allots every day, but soon we are closing down the writing element to focus more on our video content.

I am looking for a graphics designer who could create a new logo (and if possible a YouTube channel art, YouTube thumbnail design and an intro) for us. Something with a modern orange (and/or other shades of orange, and maybe yellow and red) touch, and something that looks unique.

This is our current logo:

We are a very friendly community, however, one thing that will annoy our members is to request free design work or state silly budgets that are below what a professional designer would normally charge, as an example if you are expecting to pay £50 for a professionally designed logo then this is not the place to ask.

We do not accept any requests for 'free work' under any circumstances! Any free work requests will be deleted without warning or explanation. If your request for free work is your first contribution to our forum then you will be banned as this is just plain rude, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...in a nice way :icon_smile:

If you are going to state a budget please ensure it is acceptable for the job at hand, if in doubt just post your brief and ask for quotes. Please don't use words like 'small budget', 'not much money' and 'not for profit organisation' as this will just put designers off dealing with you. The quote is what the quote is, if you can't afford it, save up or shop around.



Please contact the OP directly for this wonderful job opportunity.
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