logo design critique please


Hello. I think bottom left of the last selection has the most potential. Now it's down to selecting a good typeface or working out how you can you use the counters from the letters or the negative space around them left by the square to create the 'D' and 'B'.
It's also just one colour which is the best way to design logos. Adding effects to a logo doesn't help if the basics of the logo don't work.

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To be honest im liking your sketches more than the initial 4 done on the computer. They're more visually exciting with the enclosures around the 'db'. I would say keep going do loads more even if you think its rubbish in your head, get it down on paper. you have to go through alot of bad ideas to come up with something really good. It's a process.



I think the logos look much better on paper than on screen so far, there's something about the ones digitally done that I feel looks a little bit 'tacky' at the moment - the original ones perhaps the thick black border is what does it but I'm not sure with the mock ups yet.

I do like some of the ideas on paper though, particularly the ones with the diamond on the second sheet of paper.



This sorta thing


Did you design that with Play Doh? ;)
Google 'Betty Jackson Black logo' and look under 'Images' to find the logo that uses the counters of the 'B' to great effect. It's what isn't there that reads.



Interesting responses, I annoyingly agree that the sketches are a lot more intriguing. More stuff to come.

Any ideas to what type face to use? Everyone's mentioning use a different one?


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Any ideas to what type face to use? Everyone's mentioning use a different one

Try and think more about how you want your logo to feel rather than look. Do you want it to be formal, professional? Or casual? Or a combination of these? Then use these to work out the style of typeface you require rather than picking some at random and hoping they fit.

Picking a typeface is one of the most challenging aspects of logo design (for me at least). One of the first things I learnt was that there isn't a magic answer to a design problem. What one person loves, another will hate, so ultimately it's up to you to create something you're happy with (obviously, with the client being happy too).


Thought the lower case letters for the logo weren't working so tried using capital letters, plus went back and did a few more sketches. Opinions welcome.



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well......if you want me to be brutally honest, I don't think any of those last lot you posted look very professional; I appreciate you have a lot of refining to do but even the concepts don't "grab me". Sorry, but better to be honest.


At this stage, take the effects and colour off all of them for a start. I would also scrap all the fonts you have used (at least in terms of this particular project). The third one along and first one on the bottom I like in terms of the playfulness you have going on there but they're looking like a celtic symbol and I don't think this is what you would want?

The others are kinda a variation on the same thing and are quite boring. Back to the drawing board! Literally :icon_wink:
3rd dot and last dot for me are the strongest! I'd rethink the colours and/or gradients as I think it might be what is making it look dated? I may be wrong tho!


None are working at the moment, just work in black and white forget colours and effects for the time being. :)