Logo Critique


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I personally like the logo, perfectly designed and very clean. Looking at the previous one, you can easily tell that you have worked on it very nicely. Keep it up (y)


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Just noticed it looks like a graph increase too - double edged sword with this.
You could use the house shape for bar charts etc. in infographics.
The thing is if you look at a row of identical houses, they will look like a graph from a distance too, especially if they're doing the staggered build a lot seem to do now.

I do agree with the idea that certain shapes could be used in other areas, the final house could be rotated 90 degrees into a bullet point etc, or the mobile website (when you scroll) icon (top left, right would be the hamburger menu) that fisicx was so worried over.
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And very good improvement from the first one you shared.
The logo now seems very fine to me. Now share it with your
client and get some feedback from them too.