Logo critique- THINK WINGS


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Yeah, it's not really a logo is it, just an exclamation. Lose the gradients and drop shadows, separate the elements - it will
be difficult to read when small or in black and white.

I don't understand your explanation of the company, certainly not from that image.
Thanks for the honest answers! Appreciate it! Wings are part of previous logo that I was asked to keep. Maybe an emotional attachment? Other directors love it. However I can see where your coming from. So I will try again and try and persuade! Think major issue is that company has changed name and elements don't work anymore! Would love to ditch wings completly.


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Did no one else see the mini (car) logo when looking at that....

Honestly it does feel dated and while you want to keep the wings, I'm sure there are better ways of keeping them


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That makes no sense at all. Everyone has the freedom to think. Restrictions happen when you try express those thoughts.

What does this company do?


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Why not make the silhouette an actual tool, a spanner or something maybe. Cogs as a think bubble?
Try a different font too as an alternative, something a bit rounded and friendlier?
I think you need to include an explanation of what the company does underneath.