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I have been designing a logo for a small company that washes football teams kits and sends the back to them week by week. It is hopefully going to be used for print and web purposes but the feedback i have received from the owner has been pretty much next to nothing, all the feedback i got was

'oooo i like it!'

So i have signed up here to try get some feedback from people who know what they are doing.

The logo i have made is below and the one the owner sent me that was done by another person is under it.

I am trying to incorporate a badge/crest theme and personally think the text of the company is too small and maybe too detailed for use a letter head or business card logo.

Thank you for looking and would very much appreciate any criticism and feedback



Your logo design is a big improvement on the other persons design. I like what you are doing with the football team emblem concept. I agree that you need to enlarge the text as it will be impossible to read when reducedl on a letterhead or business card (if applicable).

I don't think the font is quite right either perhaps try something san-serif. My only other comments are:

a) It might be nice if there was actually something in the washing machine.
b) I feel that there is a bit too much gap betweent he banner at the bottom and the washing machine, have you tried laying the banner over the bottom of the machine with the point poking out below the banner? Just to try and fill that gap and make the text/banner feel a little more attached to the design?

Anyway thats my 2 pence worth. :icon_wink:
The concept is a good idea but I feel that the current design is still in its very early stages, needs more work. With regards to the original one, that is one deformed human being! :icon_biggrin:
logo (again)

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I have been playing a'round and have simplified the washing machine and put a ring around it with a sans serif font inside it. Ive uploaded the changes with a three colour example, personally i prefer the black and white version.


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Hi there, I prefer you first version - love the simplicity :)

I agreed the text needs to be alot larger, for me sticking with a serif font is in keeping with the whole crest/badge idea - but make sure you use a font with chunky serifs, so that when scaled down doesn't bleed together.

To increase the font why not move the actual banner/ribbon up over the washing machine part to occupy the white space below the washing machine's door, you could then make it slightly deeper and increase the font size and weight.

I would also simplify the controls on the washing machine a little, like remove the diagonal lines.

Hope that has been of help :)