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I'm currently working on a logo for a start up company that are building an online interface that helps and assists users who want to progress in their career. The name they came up with is Dekasu, whats your views on this? They are still not sure.

They have got me to start on designs anyway and I would really appreciate a bit of feedback.

Many thanks in advance.



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Hello, I like logo 2 best. Not sure about the name though, what does it stand for? Why dekasu? It certainly isn't a name that sticks in my head as it does not remind me of anything.
Now Sudeka on the the other hand...:icon_eek:
I like number 2 best - not fussed either way with the name - but I can't remember what it is when writing this so probably not the most memorable name.:icon_thumbup:
I really like no.1. Definitely the strongest and makes good use of the concept of pointing and direction and the replacement of the A.
Don't worry about the name - it's memorable and unusual!
Try a version with the arrow scaled down to the height of the other caps.
Good stuff.
After having a second look- number 1 is also very strong and gets the message across subtley. But I am still unsure of the name.
Number one is the only one that seems to have any sort of concept, so it's probably the best direction to head toward. What does the name mean? Where did it come from?
The second logo stands out, but the name doen't work, it sounds like a dog breed, doesn't roll off the tongue.

Need a name that connects to business.
Many thanks for all you replies it is much appreciated.

They are sticking with the name for the time being which means commitment in Japanese and they have chosen design 1.

Thanks again,