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Hi this is going to be cheeky , but we are looking for someone to design a logo for a company we have just started , the story behind this is as follows , we started inline skating almost 20 year ago and had a child like crew calling ourselves sion skate crew , we stopped skating for a little bit but the name stuck as everywhere we travelled people would say weren't u in sion , we never had backing or sponsorship from anyone we did everything ourselves to create a brand name , we however have never had a logo , people ask why we do after so many years without one but we have now started making the process of manufacturing our own skate products , up here in the northeast of England .
The reason this post us cheeky is because we need someone to work for free as we basically have no money to pay for the work to be done , all we need is a simple logo go be branded onto our skate products , we have world famous skaters giving us support and they are goin to test the products out ,

Designers can have free reign over the idea as we have none ourselves lol

If you feel you can help please don't hesitate to get intouch we know its a long shot and is cheeky ,

Cheers Kev
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