Join a team, get contracted.


Idea, Ive been going through some of your work on here, espcially Paul Murray, i do like how you keep your work clean and sharp. For those of you who are beggining with graphics and arnt finding much work around, I have been putting a few ideas together with my personal friends who also do graphic design. I am stronger with my website design and illustraions, where as others have many different skills.

So heres what i have to say, and offer, I am putting a website together at the moment, it wil be called DesignBase, I want to be able to get designers and developers from around the country to advertise themselves through the website, i am putting the website into most of the advertising catalogues around my area, if you could do the same, it would have a chance to grow big after christmas, if not, no problem well do it for you, we have a small budget we want to put into the advertising and website development. if anyone would like to help out that would be brilliant. I would love to hear back from as many of you as possible, if your up for it and want to know more information, send me an email, [email protected]

The only downside to putting a lot of professionals (especially one's who are just trying to start out) in one place is that competition for jobs becomes fierce and it only takes one plonker to start offering their services for £2.50 to bugger the whole thing!
well, i was hoping if few people wanted to join in with it, they could advertise what they are best at, etc, and everyone agrees to a minimum quotation. the point of it being is clients can use some who is local to them, so they can search in the area, and deal with the customer.
There are loads of sites like this already, mainly directories where you can search for designers local to you and deal with them direct, what are you offering any different? Do you have the domain?
His Boss, no i dont own that domain name, its a name i came up with but the name is still in discussion. The difference between me and other websites is i get alot of work in when it hits new year and summer, and im offering the work to others as i have contracts with design companies etc. Their is no competition, through the forum you are running i have noticed alot of people with some very strong design skills, some of which i dont have and at times i am having to turn down some of the work. Its to help me build up a bigger customer base and to offer freelancers the work.