It is not black

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Three times we emailed artwork to a distant client. Three times they insisted that what we had designed was black and not full colour as requested.

We were going mad. Calibrate the screen, software updates, compatability....


Client - "We just realised our inkjet is all out of colour and only printing black".

Dear god!!!

"Whatever remains, however improbable" (Sherlock Holmes)!
LOL.. sometimes you just don't want to be rude and say it is their problem!

anyway problem solved! :icon_thumbup:
That's shockingly terrible (but funny).

I bet they feel so stupid now though, it's a shame you can't name and shame... Or can you? ;)
This is a great example of learning from experience, its odd how when this sort of thing happens it is difficult not to think its the clients lack of knowledge thats the problem. One thinks that you've just about come across evry possible situation, nut just goes to show.........
Thanks for the eye opener.