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  • Hi All
    I've been a member for a little while but got bogged down with other issues, so to progress, I work for Dischromatics, formed in 1989 so been around a while. We've always suppled data products right through from the old floppy disks, in fact we were the only company in the world at the time to perfect the uv drying process for picture printing on the pvc jackets for 51/4" floppies.

    Anyway, moving on, naturally we now supply CD, DVD and Blu-ray replication and duplication, we are a Sony DADC UK partnere for these products. We have a Graphic Design department which is headed up by Gareth Thomas, I'm sure Gareth won't mind me saying he was a mature student when he graduated and has done some great work since taking over the dept.

    Now 34 years old, Gareth had been employed in a number of other roles before knuckling down and succumbing to his creative side. However, having had experience with other large corporates in a different part of the business it's helped him considerably to understand client requirements. He is in fact a true artist with the ability to work freehand which is a great benefit when he visits our customers and works through their projects with them.
    We'll soon be dividing up our website to create a new Creative Design site for the graphic design, perhaps the DVD and Blu-ray Authoring will be placed there too.
    I think I've probably bored everyone enough now so that had better do by way of an introduction.
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