Is Dreamweaver considered a good tool for web design?

Paul Murray

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I don't know anyone that uses Dreamweaver in this day and age. Is it even available still?

Most professional developers I know just use simple text editors/IDEs such Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Notepad++, Atom, etc to write their code.


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DW has a fantastic hand-coding condition with code finish and plenty of wizards (and WYSIWYG) which will accelerate working a great deal when you recognize what you are doing (and may confound you on the off chance that you are merely beginning).

html5 formats were messy in DW5.5 tho (and I required free programming for a preparation I was giving), so I began working with Aptana for some time. This will be an incredible and free option if you don't need WYSIWYG.

In DW6 html5 backing is tremendously improved and I do the majority of my work in DW once more. Try not to go for a straightforward word processor, yet pick a top of the line code supervisor. Learning by pursuing grammatical mistakes that break your code is an exercise in futility.


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Is Dreamweaver considered a good tool for web design?
When Anyone who is not aware of coding then they start with Dreamweaver for editing and building a website. In todays world developers preferred Visual Studio, Sublime and notepad++ these alternative.
You will find that many developers and designers will use different software for building and developing sites, I myself use a mix, depending on what type of project I am working on, generally Brackets but on occasion, I do use Dreamweaver, this is because of the different view types you can use with it.

Use a code editor you like using and find easier to navigate, professionals should be able to use any editor, but it is your own preference that dictates which.


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Yes but amateur web designers like me need a WYSIWYG
Not really. WYSIWYG doesn’t deliver good code, something Google regards as quite important.

Far simpler to install Wordpress and pick a free theme. 99% of your visitors don’t really care what the site looks like as long as it’s not a dogs dinner.