I'm new to the forum - Feedback wanted


I thought i would share my latest design that i am working on with you all, and would appreciate your feedback.


What's the story behind it? What's it for? How was it made?

A little context is always helpful when it comes to critiques :icon_smile:
lol, I found an image online once which gave me an idea, The reason behind it isnt very exciting to be honest with you. I applied for a freelance position with a company roughly 2 weeks ago, they asked to see my portfolio so i sent it to them, as i work closely with other companies in my area, doing rally car designs and window etc pretty much everything you can image, but they said they couldnt afford me full time, hence why im a freelancer for them, Anyway ill stop that babbling with them, The company i applied for asked me to do a 1 hour drawing of anything that come to mind, so i used my graphic pad for pretty much all of this, apart from the original outline which i decided to draw then scan, after i sent it to them, i got the a reply saying "We believe you are over quallified for this job role" they kept it nice a small.. then again they are just a business card and flyer company, but still.. i can do that too.. :) Thanks for asking :)