Im Confused What To Make


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I've created a new website for myself to show my portfolio and etc.

This is my site so far

Ryan Simmonds

Im stuck on the layout and most features
as a portfolio theres not to many different kinds of pages i can make
apart from home about contact portfolio are the main ones

would people possible help me
and suggest some new designz and layout styles that would be good
for a colourful and exciting page
and also some other types of pages i could use

First off get rid of the prompt asking for your name and the enter page.

Secondly, this is what being a web designer involves, get inspiration but don't copy. I don't know if you offer web design or not, but you need to just look around come up with a style of site you like e.g. minimilist etc. Then do your research.

I'm not going to post designs or ideas because theis is what I get paid to do, just draw some ideas down on paper and then move to photoshop.
I agree with above, to be honest its not looking that great at the moment, you will get a much more professional site just skinning wordpress if coding isn't your thing.
Ahh yeah thanks guys,

i just need to spend more time on it,

i don't really want to use wordpress, i'd rather just code it all myself

thanks for the help.