I need your help...please!



So over the past few months I've been developing a web based application that is part of my research for my dissertation at the University of Lincoln, basically I'm looking at how technology can help people eat more balanced and healthier meals while getting more understandable and visual data back on them.

So to see if what I'm doing actually does help people and people like it I need some participants, and that's where you guys come in :icon_tongue_smilie: (hopefully). The premise of the app is simple, take photos of your food and upload them to the web app. You then rate other peoples meals for how well balanced they are, everything you do and upload is anonymous.

It's quite exciting research and something which may be used by companies and things like the NHS according to previous research that's been done in this field.

The research will last around 3 weeks and it shouldn't be a burden on your life you can literally spend a few minutes everyday uploading at least one meal or you could take images throughout the day of everything you eat and upload them, it's a really easy web app to use.

If you're interested then visit chrisborrowdale.co.uk/participate/ and I'll be in touch!

P.S Sorry for long-ish post and if this breaks any rules

Thanks! :icon_smile: