How would you go about creating a vector like this?


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Hey, I'm new to the forum so forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong section.

How would I go about creating something like this? can anyone recommend me any tutorials on how this would be done or a rough idea of how to do it? I imagine you'd have to draw it out on paper the scan it and develop it using Photoshop.



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Software wise I would say illustrator would be your best bet.

Sketch it out, scan it in, lock the scanned layer and start tracing over it either with a tablet or using the pen tool. An illustration like this will have little or no colour gradients so is quite simple to duplicate provided you have the time to sit and trace each element. Each colour can be broken down into a shape, so for the skin tone you'll end up with 12-15 individual objects.

To help explain, I've started tracing that illustration. It's quite crude but is only a 2 min example..

A section of the beard, cheek and glasses, traced as objects with the pen tool..


Colour added to the objects and layered up appropriately..


objects overlaid to show how the section fits...


Learn the basics of illustrator and you'll be fine with stuff like this.

Good luck
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