Graphic and Web Designer Needed for Music Album


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Web and Graphic designer needed to update current website for kids hip hop album.

The site is currently in flash and we may/may not need to move it to an html.

The site is currently a bit bland and need borders swirls, sparkles, ideas, possibly the creation of a new font to brand the album and make whole appearance more enchanting. Possibility for future work on booklet.

Need to add music to site too.

I have included 2 of the albums already made photographic portraits of the characters, would like the style to reflect them.

I also included examples of styles and designs we are looking for. We have the current site up and have ideas now on how we want to change it/ make it more magic.

Please email for more information, please include current sites you have done/and or artwork, and your hourly rate.

Thank you,



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Re: Kids album

Hi Billy,

Your work looks great, have you any illustration examples lying about?

Please email us at [email protected]

We have a certain lettering style that we have found on a Dolce and Gabana advertisement that we would like mimicked for the title page which would be most important.

We can forward you an email with full details when we hear from you there,

Many thanks,

Laura and Larry