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Hi everyone,

I am part of a musical production and dj collective and we are hosting a night on October 27th. I am looking for a design for the flyer and have some ideas but not the skills to do it myself. We are only just starting out, so we don't have much of a budget, but there will be pay!

We're looking for a gritty and dark kind of design to match the style of music (drum and bass, dubstep). I have all the text that would need to go on it as well as some logos of local record shops that we are supporting. One side would need to be eye-catching with our name on it, the other largely text based with dj's and info. Obviously the event is coming up soon so while I understand it is probably annoying time is of the essence.

Also, we hope for this to be a regular event so if all parties are happy with the first design and the night goes well there could be regular work in it. Thanks in advance to anyone who gets in touch.

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Hi Moose,

My name is Chris Lambe, i run a small Graphic Design company in Bedfordshire, this is something i would love to help you with.

If you would like to email me all the information i will get started on the design right away. If you would like a quote for the design work to be carried out please email me at [email protected]

Print can also be supplied. Hope to hear from you soon.

If you want to email me some more info and I'll be able to get a quote sorted for you straight away.

Feel free to browse some of my previous work.

Email is in my sig.