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Hi guys,

Just looking for a critique on an A5 flyer I am working on for a Personal Fitness studio near where I live (promotion regarding a new fitness program). It's quite adventurous, but I think it reflects the studio's 'cool' image fairly well. I'm going to dice up the paragraph of text on the rear page and change it to something more apt for the theme (so almost ignore it).

Probably about half to 3 quarters done but looking for some feedback just to check I'm not going insane.


P.s Not sure I like those photographs on the back page, I think they kind of f*ck up the overall colour scheme.


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Why is the word 'THE' the most important word on the flyer?

The 'Fit for life' text and info in the bottom right corner is nice. The rest of it needs a lot of work.
Thanks for the replies.

I agree with the "hire an illustrator" sentiment which is the main reason I stuck them on here. Weirdly enough, I actually thought the figures didn't come out too bad, I guess I was wrong.

And with regards to the word 'the' taking centre stage, I must have been drinking too much coffee, think I'll change it quickstyle.

Hmm, where would you guys take it from here if you were in my seat. Just curious.

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Generally the sentiments others have shared I agree with.

And there's a spelling error - "Bepoke" should be "Bespoke"

All that being said - it's not the worst flyer in the world.

The cuthouts of superheroes aren't great - but there's plenty of stock image options
Search photos superhero fitness[content_type%3Aillustration]=1&submit.x=0&submit.y=0

That's if you want your flyer for a professional, adult, fitness class to resemble a comic? Sometimes it works though... sometimes it's appealing to advertise these things as fun.

There are typographical issues with the structure, as pointed out with "The".

And the image structure is all wrong on the back.

I wouldn't say it's a total loss - and it would be worth starting over and rethinking your approach and what you want the flyer to say.