Flat Object ---> 3D Box in PS or Ai CS3 how please?


OK let's say I have something like this-


How do I turn it into a nice 3D box?
Hey, I would create the the object in maya or another 3d program then map it using planar projection. There will be a much easier way than this but thats how i would do it.
Thanks. no rush on this. Is there no way to place markers on the pdf file and then click a button and it turns it into a cube, kind of thing...?
yes listen to Hank! it will be much easier to do this in illustrator, I have a background in 3d modelling and I just revert to that when wanting to do this kind of thing.
Just looking into it now. So basically I just create a rectangle, extrude it and then copy and paste the sides onto it?
I just took the front part and extruded it, but I can't work out how much depth to give it. It defaults to 50 pt. What units are pt?

I worked out what the width should be in pixels but obviously pt isn't pixels as it was too long then. It's also not percent.
I'm just following the instructions from the link you gave me. Didn't say anything about clipping masks.

I watched some video tutorial yesterday that showed you how to paste stuff onto 3D objects to automatically give perspective, however if there is a better way....
Or to speed things up

You can always type in any unit into the Depth field

i.e., 500mm and it converts to points automatically.
Well it wouldn't say anything about clipping masks - as it isn't required most of the time.

Seems that you have a flat piece of artwork in the shape of a packaging net. - so you need to make a Clipping Mask for each side.

Unless you have the files as individual panels.

You need to have each panel of the packaging net as an individual object.

Make a symbol for each side.

Apply the symbol when mapping the art in the 3D.

Just trying to give you step by step.

Hope it helps.
I can't work out how to adjust the size of my clipping mask! It just moves the mask around.

EDIT- ah CTRL+left mouse.
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Awesome I had it working there, and now it's not working again...

Why is everything in graphics design an exercise in banging your head against a wall. What did I do there to make the clipping mask change size! I can't get it to do it again!
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Getting there, but when I choose the map art option it comes up with a total of 16 surfaces and I can't see how to rotate it. How can a cube have 16 surfaces? Can only think of 12 total, and some of the surfaces are not the size they should be.
It has 16 sides because you have the cap on (it's beside the extrude)

Turn the Cap Off and it will have 12 sides.

Turn off the Stroke on the object (just have a fill) it will have 6 sides

1 = Front
2= Top
3= right
4 = left
5 = back
6 = Bottom

or something like that

You will need to rotate the left right bottom and back - you'll see when you start applying artwork.
Cheers. Will look into this again later. I'm half way there. Who needs art college when you have YouTube? (me apparently)
Just about there. having a real problem with clips not dragging into the areas though in map art, is that a bug or because I need to increase my document area? Sometimes i can't get it to drag near to the area, other times it will go to within a cm of the edges and if i try to move it it just keeps snapping back????

Had to rotate some by 90 degrees as well?

No snap option?
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