First Critique Post!

Hi Guys,

Okay, please bare with me as I have literally just started using Illustrator this week (Photoshop lover!)

So this is my first attempt at a Logo using it. Now, Im a complete beginner and only do things for friends of friends and family and even then I've only done a few.

This logo is for a girl that makes homemade personalised gifts, from t-shirts to wall plaques etc. She's a work at home mum and just wanted something for her facebook business page etc. So I am using her as a practice job as she isn't in a rush and Im doing it for free as she is a friend. The Logo still needs tidying up and T's crossed, I's dotted. I wanted some feed back before I do this so I am not wasting my time. Once again she'll be pleased with anything really but Im pretty much using her as a pretend brief/case studie to learn from.


Thanks in advance guys, all advice and crit welcome!

I quite like it actually, though I'd play around with the scaling of the stroke (both the thickness and the size/spacing of the dashes). When it's small you can't make it out at all.

The rope/string reminds me of baguettes :icon_smile:
The rope/string reminds me of baguettes :icon_smile:

Ha! I was just about to say exactly the same thing.

Well done on your first Illy job.

I'd agree with looking at the stroke thickness, also maybe worth considering if you're aligning the stroke to the middle / outside and so on.

Cracking start though :icon_thumbup:
Paul! Thanks for replying, I've been refreshing and refreshing!

Haha, yeah totally see the baguettes!

Yeah I would agree with the stroke and I have been trying to work out how to do it! I think I've converted the text to paths wrongly and now its not acting like I would expect it too. I finding selection and colouring on illustrator very difficult for some reason! Im doing something wrong somewhere. Im going to twiddle the stroke and see what I can do (Know exactly how to do it on photoshop which is frustrating but I've forbidden myself from using it for at least a month!) Thanks again for you comments and Im glad its looking Okay so far! xx
I'll look into trying too change the baguetteness of the stitch too...I cant stop noticing it now!!!

Thanks Spotty! You guys are being very tame tonight! I was waiting for a telling off font wise, so thankyou! x
Uh oooh


I havent shown her the Logo yet as it needs touched up but I saw on her facebook site that she had written Poppy-Rose in three differesose Giftnt ways. (Poppyrose, Poppy Rose and Poppy-Rose). So I double checked with her what way she preferred. She said not opposed to any, then got an email today saying 'Actually PoppyRose as I bought a stamp with that on it in Lucidia handwritting!.

So I think Im going to have to go back to the drawing board with Lucidia handwritting!! :(

Because of her stamp!...How much does a rubber stamp cost anyway!? Poppy-Rose looks better and previously I had told her that it balanced better! So do I just do as the 'client' requested?! Or work on both? Bet I'll get stuck with the second, Lucida one and it will be rubbish...Meh! lol

Help...Lucida Handwritting?!

Eva xxx
You would do yourself a massive favour by looking at basic Illy tutorials online. If you're having difficulty making selections have you got your Layers window (panel) open? You can access all windows (funnily enough) by clicking on Window on the top menu bar. With the Layers panel open there are little squares to the right of the object which you can click to select the object. See this image:

In terms of strokes, get your Stroke window open and you will have access to all the settings (aligning stroke to middle, outside, inside, points, dashes and so on). Go and read The Stroke Panel - Illustrator Tutorial -

Finally here's a start for you 20 Basic Illustrator Tutorials Every Beginner Should See

Go forth and learn :icon_biggrin:
Thanks Spottypenguin, I'll have a look at those links! I have been looking at tutorials online and they are a great help. I select thing okay usually, its when I go to move them, or I want to select a whole path rather than part of a path etc but that'll just come with time!

I think my problem is I know lots about photoshop and expect the same tools to work the same way and they just dont! Photoshop is so easy and simple compared!

Oh dear. It's one of those fonts I associate with people who think they are graphic designers and use clipart images.

I know!! I really dont want to use it!
Hi again :icon_smile:

I *know* Photoshop seems easy in comparison and I used to be like you and love it BUt as you learn more and more Illy you realize it's amazing potential.

The biggest downside of P'Shop (as I think I mentioned to you before) is that it is raster and is no good for logos / other work you may need to scale up and down.

...btw if you're not picking up whole paths, sounds like you are using the direct selection tool (white arrow) instead of the selection tool (black arrow). Remeber black for moving / scaling, white for altering nodes/paths
Illustrator is the logo boss, it's the best programme for the job, and it's potential is amazing.

As for the logo, I'm not overly keen on it. The stitching looks wrong, but that's already being addressed. Also, the 'baguettes' reminded me more of sticky plasters.
Have you considered, making more of a rectangle esque stamp, reminiscent of the Levi logo? And then applying the stitching around the outside of the shape?
Yeah, completely understand that Illys a better tool all round but its just annoying getting to grips with something new...Im just being inpatient tho!

I'll look into the Levi type idea, it seems because I have the first one in my head I cant seem to think out of that or imagine. So I might go back to paper for a whileto see what might works better. The girl wanted to keep her original hand made lable in mind (Which was just a black stamp in Lucidia handwritting with a tiny flower shaped button stuck on), her words where I want it prettied up and more professional looking. So I dont want to steer away from the flower button idea as I am already going to try and talk her out of Lucidia!

I am really happy with the first logo, although it still needs a few tweeks and tidying. Im going to doodle for a while and see what comes up...

Thanks again guys...any more crit or hints welcome!! xx
Pen and paper is always the best option, though sometimes I'll use Illustrator to work up an idea if I can't draw it how I imagine, or if it's easier to knock up digitally.
Yeah, pen and paper is always the first port of call, but Illustrator is a very handy tool, and great for making up final work :)
In fairness, I don't think Lucida Handwriting is a bad choice for a one-woman home-made craft business. In fact the general problem with that particular font is that it makes any business that uses it look like exactly that.
Is this any better? Was just fiddling. What about loosing the dashed stroke completely? Obviously I'll touch up the fill of the font so it looks brush like too at the edges as I dont like the straightness of the fill behind the stroke. Ignore the colour of the flower for now. I've no mouse with my laptop so I cant reall do anything fancy!

I need to send her something soon, as its been a week!!! She's not in a rush but she is looking forward to seeing something. I might send her this one and go from there. Im sure she'll want a few changes and maybe her ideas will lead me?

Honestly? I prefer the first version (with refinement), you've gone from two baguettes to crusts :icon_biggrin: - sorry, I'm being mean. I think your dashed outline could work well symbolizing a hand stitched effect - you just need to play with the stroke settings to get it right.

Why not send her both versions so far and ask what she thinks?

Have a look at this tut Create A Editable Stitched Label Type Treatment In Illustrator | Vectips
could be useful for you.
Oh perfect~! You guys are like guru's! Amazing...thankyou! I will have a go at that tonight or today in work if I can get away with it! Thats what I had in my head I just didn't know how to excecute it!

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