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Hi all

I would really appreciate your answers to the following question..

If you were given a business card with a website address on it, to look at that website how would you go about it. would you ...
A) Type in the website address on the business card in the address bar in your browser
B) Use your home page search box such as tiscali, virgin media and type in the business name in the search box
C) Use google as your home page and type in the google search box the name of the business then click on the link that appears in the search results.

A,B or C
This would be of great help to me if lots of you would reply, also indicaing wether you are a comlete novice with computers or considered an expert.

Just doing some personal market research, results/answers for my own interest.
C for me. Chances are the business name would be shorter than the business name, so less typing!
I would choose A. If you google it there may be similar names so might take a couple of clicks to reach your goal.
I would choose A. If I have the website address I would probably just type it straight in the address bar, I might then do some research about the company once I had looked at their website
If you know the URL then…

(A) as long as it's not the longest URL in the world :icon_biggrin:
otherwise (C)
It would be A for me, a google search would being anything and everything, I would rather to straight to the source...!

However, LighthouseDM makes a good point about your reason for looking.