Feedback on my flyer design :)


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im quite new to graphic design and iv just created this flyer, please comment on how i could make it better or were i have done well :)

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I like it, its a good design for a starter i would suggest you try a range of different fonts with your work, apart from that its a nice layout :)
Hi there, welcome! I think for starters your typography certainly needs looking at, there are probably far too many fonts on there and not all suitable together.
Once you've sorted out your typography then I think that the flyer will work aesthetically. It's what i'd expect a club flyer to look like so you've clearly done some research on that part.

Also, i think that you need to have a look at the content on the flyer. Why would people come to your club night? Try using an incentive and make that the prominent feature to entice your audience (i.e. Free drink upon entry).

Additionally, i'm looking for contact information and there is nothing there. Website, phone number, email address. Possibly look at making the flyer double sided and adding a map (you'd be surprised at the differences that these little things make).
I'd agree about the typography, try and limit yourself to 3 max for now. The funky love font doesn't really work so I'd give that a miss. The graphics look professional though.
Most club flyers have photos of really hot girls that you never actually see in the club so its good to steer clear of that.