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Hi all,

I've been a member for over a year but haven't been very active so for that I apologise, but I'll make up for it soon!

I just did a major redesign and update of my photography/web design website and was wondering if you guys could give me your opinions, feedback and suggestions etc., for how to make it better?

I'm currently working on making it more interactive, ie. you click on a picture in the portfolio section and it gets bigger, I'll be doing this using JQuery.

Thanks for your help, I really do appreciate it!

The site URL is


Welcome (back) to GDF.

I really like your photography. You've got some beautiful shots in there. That being said, for me, there's not a lot I like about your website.

I don't like the logo you've given yourself. You don't need the dotmedotuk underneath. I don't like the gradient's in the big coloured text and I don't like the grey stoney background.

As you're a photographer, you're in a visual industry. Much like a graphic designer. So your website should look just as hot as the work you're showing (your photographs). Some clients probably won't care about your website. For me, a good website shows you've put the effort to really sell yourself.

If you're after a quality, professional, exciting looking website, take a look at this. It's one of my favourites. It's for a group of photographers. Brilliant website, brilliant imagery.

cake-factory | artist representation | new york & london
Content is design, no matter what website you're designing, the content is the design.

Your content is incredible photographs, let them speak for themselves.

Photography websites are the most fun to design, have fun with it, break the mould!
To be honest you have amazing photos. but if I wanted a website designed by you I don't think i would judging by the website although the websites in your portfolio are decent. You could say dont judge a book by its cover and let the work speak for its self but alot of people do judge a book by its front cover thats why I think you should try something new with the website, something fresh to match your photos.
I think you need to scale down the size of your titles and strip out the grey gradients and perhaps consider something more pared down i.e all black or all white.
Your logo could really just be a nice piece of type black-on or white out of the background.
Minimal looking photography sites let the photographs do the talking.

Re. the cake factory link - I know one of the founding members. They are a very talented bunch.