Faulty hyperlinks in a PDF (Adobe InDesign)


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Hi all, any advice much appreciated. A client newsletter I've done in InDesign includes several hyperlinks as usual, which I've made live without a problem and then checked in the PDF file that they work, which they do - apart from one. Even though I've checked on the original InDesign interactive element that I've put the web address correctly, when I hover over it on the PDF version, the url is preceded by file://users/simonweedy/Desktop/ so obviously the link doesn't then work. I've never encountered this before, I suspect it's something simple but has got me stumped! :icon_mad:
Hi Chris I thought I'd try and preface it with the http:// and hey presto it works now :)
Still don't know though why that particular URL needs the http and the others don't? Maybe it's good practice anyway to start them all with http , you live and learn