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Quite embarrassed to ask this question in a design forum, but I've realised I don't actually know.

I pretty much work on the branding and print side of design, but have recently moved into web design on the side. When designing sites in PS I know that font files can come in OTF and TTF file types (at least mine do). Now I'm pretty new with regards to web development and so was stumped when a developer asked me for the web font files for the ones used in my PSD layouts. Me being a newbie, I just sent over the OTF/TFF files which I now know are not the correct font files to use on the web.

Is this correct? If so, what extension do usable web font files have, and where can I get free ones that can be used for commercial use. Obviously I know I can download free ones, and buy fonts from sites like Myfonts, but what should I be looking out for if I want web font files included?

:help: Any help would be great.
OTF/TTF will work on the web, at least now they do through, old IE versions use to only allow .eot I believe but that was a time where there was virtually no support for web fonts.

Be careful however with sending fonts, a lot of foundries are getting nervy about people sending their fonts around and likewise some licenses don't allow for the font to be used online.

You could look for WOFF fonts which are a bit better, smaller, easier to understand the licensing agreements etc. but most of all just make sure they're allowed to be used online.