Critique Please


Hi, Could you give this site a quick critique, I've only started doing the homepage, and still need to upload my portfolio thumbnail images, but it's just for a general idea :)


Hi Chris,

I'd check the alignment of the portfolio slider and the main content border. It kinda looks like someone's just taken a chunk out of each side!

I'd also prefer your logo if the "Chris" part was above the "borrowdale" not embedded above it after the "b". Just an idea.

Otherwise I quite like it, I have to say. Would be nice to see some contrasting colours around, not just black, white and grey also, but that's not so big.

Thanks for the reply, the one I had one was very much a first edition :icon_smile: here's the updated version, made changes to the scroller, I might use an autoscroll as well as having the buttons.


Still need to try and sort the footer out as well and upload the rest of my work.

Hi There,

Long time troller first time poster! Have been a web/graphic designer for 5 years Professionally and have been interested in it for over 10 years!

First of all the dotted lines look dated. Like an old Quark express line style! I don't think they have any relevence and would look much much better without them!

I have seen this big Right/Left scrolling boxes on many pages and like all that I see, I say...Whats the point? It's really fun for a web designer to mess around with these but the average surfer will not spend any time clicking arrows right to left on the main page, Infact if they see it they may even leave immediately! Think its more suited on a portfolio page then the main page, Maybe making it a rolling flash graphic which is around half the height?

The rest is nice, web 3.0/Social Networking style, very fresh.