Constructive feedback required for a logo design


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Hi guys,

Im very very new to logo design and have designed my first logo in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to keep it very basic and simple to start with, as a proper developer will be commissioned in the future.

To all you experieced developers out there, could you please provide some constructive feedback on my designs... and most importantly, which one you prefer as a designer.

The link contains a collage of the logo in different colour combinations and i will prob end up presenting either the first or second colour combination (depending on your feedback)

Are there any pointers regarding colour, size, layout etc... you can think of?


P.S. You may need to zoom in

Kind regards,
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None of them stand out IMO, if I had to go for one I would go for the first one, but that still needs some work, I don't really like the font, and the 'Worklinx' needs some sort of effect like a subtle gradient.

But like you say you are new to logo design, just stick at it
I think you could do a lot more with it to be honest (even though you're new) - I think 'linx' could maybe....linked with something to add to the logo.

Good luck :icon_smile:

• Outlines around text is dubious unless it's larger, heavier point sizes which give it a cartoon or more 60/70's disco feel.
• WORKLINX - it calls out for something that does actually 'link' or overlap or connect to make it more of a logo than just some type.
• Lot of text to deal with and you should test your logos at the size they may appear at on business cards and see if everything is still legible.
• Colours should be bolder - if connected to the industry look at dark greys, purples, navy with perhaps a brighter 'ping' colour as a contrast.

That'll do for now.