Company Name/Logo... Need Help

Don't run before you can walk, when you leave school go to University, when you have qualified or have a few years experience in a studio then look at your website/company etc.
I don't know really, you have given yourself a business name that sounds like you are already a design company, yet you have no experience or qualifications. It's a good name for the future but don't think you should be doing anything with it now.

The only work any employer would be interested in (I suspect) would be pieces done whilst at University or once you are fully qualified.

Concentrate on practicing your skills and getting to grips with the software, in 5 years time you won't need to ask us for ideas for your own logo as you will not only have loads yourself but the skills to make it look really good.
Well you can do whatever you want, but I still can't work out why you need a domain name and portfolio for GCSE, unless you're going to be offering design services, such as print design, and if you are then what services would you be offering?
I wont be offering any services

It will just be a place where i can show case my work

espically for my game design - people like a good portfolio
Oh ok, I know what you mean now :icon_smile:, would it not have been easier to get a domain under your own name? As for the site if I were you I would go for a Wordpress site and just download a theme, unless you're comfortable with coding.
As for the logo, have a brainstorm about some ideas obviously 'vision' brings up obvious ideas, not sure if you'll geet too many designers giving you their ideas, that's essentially what we get paid for!:icon_biggrin:
Hi Daniel. I received your pm asking me for assistance, but I honestly believe that you need to learn to do this yourself, for yourself. There is nothing like challenging a learning curve and feeling the acheivement of having completed it yourself - especially at your age. Reading through the above, it looks like you have the time to do it too.

My own personal portfolio is my first ever attempt at making a website a few years ago - and believe me, I am old enough to be your mum ;0 - and it is antiquated by all the web standards out there (I used tables, my knowledge has advanced a bit since then) and one day I need to upgrade it to match my current knowledge, but just the fact that I managed it from the deep end, without any knowledge or help whatsoever (and there are plenty of people willing to help here... you are lucky...) and the sense of achievement that goes with it, makes me hesitant, because I am still realing with how clever I thought I was at the time, it was my 3rd attempt and on top of that, I am my own worst critic. Link in case you want to see it, but I don't advertise it anymore and it hasn't been updated for a few years now, because I know it probably wouldn't get me anywhere and I am almost embarrassed to plug it amongst the other portfolios out there...

The suggestion of using Wordpress as a basic template as a content management system is a brilliant one. Download it to you computer, upload it to your hosting site and just play and learn. Break it, start again ;0)

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I agree with what matobo said, I'm 17 atm 18 next Friday :icon_tongue_smilie: and I started about a year ago making websites on dreamweaver then looking at the code, getting critiques, changing them and you start to pick it up, as has been said there are a lot of people on here willing to help you with designs or coding, but I doubt any one will do it for you...unless you pay them.
Like the name, agree with some other comments, you need to get some experience and qualifications. However that's not to stop you having a play around, just be careful not to come across as an expert or offer services that you really shouldn't be charging for without any experience, as it will not help you long term.

Good that your enthusiastic though, but success doesn't come without hard work, keep that enthasiam and I'm sure you can suceed.