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I have a project I am creating for a financial industry business compliance startup. The design has to appeal to a conservative, detail oriented audience. They want to convey they are competent and that they make the process enjoyable, but specifically without "fun!" jumping out at the viewer/personality being emphasized as a major component. They also are fitness enthusiasts and have incorporated that into their approach to business.

I drew up a logo and did a draft of a pocket folder design. I tried to pull the logo imagery over to the folder as a motif while also trying to do something that tries to communicate precision.

Can I please get feedback on both? Thank you in advance.




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I think it looks good.

Be careful with solid blocks of colour. Especially for short digital runs, those solid blocks can have streaks in them, which could be tricky enough for reproduction.

I'm not sure why there's an angled green graphic on the front cover. It's not part of the logo.

When it comes to the branding you'd want to be certain of the brands logo position - if it's going to be top right, left, centre etc.
You need to decide that.

If you're dead set on this angled box - then you need to incorporate this into the branding, for Letterheads, Business Cards, Comp Slips etc.
And the position needs to be consistent.

If they partner with someone for an event will they have a specific location for their logo, do you need a backup position?

Why is the colour not bleeding off the edge of the pockets?
That could be quite tricky to get that white border even around all sides.

Don't box yourself into a commitment on design of the pocket unless you've run it by the people producing the pocket - it could be laser cut, it could be a forme. You might not be able to do two pockets etc.

You don't have a gussett on the folder either - I thought you did but examining the keyline it looks like it's straight fold.


In terms of overall design of the pocket folder - I think you can do better. There's design concerns from a production point of view which need to be talked to directly with your printer (solid blocks of colour and white borders etc.)


It's coming across very formal - even though there's a fun tie in there for Fit.


You can come up with much better


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I agree with Hank about the solid blocks of colour, not too keen on that choice of green either.

Is it just me or does the i/tie need dropping down a tiny bit?