Blog/Portfolio Design


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Would just like to get some of your views on my design, before I start coding etc. I was thinking about having a blog then having links to my portfolio and contact info etc.


I think it would be beneficial if you showed us a visual for at least one of the other (non blog) pages so we can see how the design translates across the site.

But just going on what I can see, I like it. It has a vintage/cowboy and western feel to it which I kinda like but I think that if your going for that vintage feel then each blog entry should start with a drop cap letter.

I would also play around with the positioning of the words "the work and blog of..." above your name because they feel a bit weird to me being aligned to the left when all headings and stars are centred
I agree with Sweetums Chris, however I am loving the feel you are going for here. Keep it up and let us know when you have another version for us to take a look at :)
Thanks for the feedback, I've had a little think about the design, I'm going to change it around a bit and possibly make it a one page site, then with a link to the blog, think this will be more beneficial in terms of clients.