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Hi everyone,

Me and my friend have just made a new youtube channel and we are trying to find someone who can design our avatar and banner for us. We are called Chronocast and we are looking for a classy blue theme. We aren't particularly original, and are very open to good suggestions, but our best ideas so far have been as follows:

The avatar would be a diagonal hour glass with a glowing bluey liquid swooshing around inside (With a fancy background)[Preferably custom drawn]

The banner would consist of a similar, but more flamboyant hour glass in the centre, with two characters; One like the joker [with a cigar in his mouth - with a nice smoke particle effect] and the other; a panda with a lab coat holding a flask with green bubbling chemicals-also with a nice particle effect leaning against either side of the hour glass (panda on the right side). The gasses from the cigar and the flask would then meet above the big hour glass and rain down the blueish liquid inside. The name chronocast would then be split on either side of the characters (Not as cartoony as the rest of the thing, just some fancy text) (the two characters and the hour glass in between chrono and cast)
If anyone is interested in helping, please email us at [email protected] with your portfolio and how much you would want for the job! Also, if all goes well we would also probably be willing to pay for facebook and twitter designs as well!
Just a quick heads up, I'm not an illustrator so I can't speak for them but I would imagine this job would very much cost hundreds of pounds, as most of us are professionals. I only say this because most people that want Youtube channel and social media work done of this sort think they can get it all done for a quick £50 or so. Also, this isn't the kind of work most of us do for a living but if you are willing to pay a professional rate then I'm sure an illustrator may be in touch soon.
Hi again,

Thankyou very much for your response. we weren't expecting it to be quite as expensive as you have suggested so we have decided to alter our proposal. We will offer £80 for a more simple logo and banner:

We would still like an hourglass for the logo, but it needn't look too complicated, just a simple hour glass with some liquid swooshing around inside and a blue gradient background (Doesn't have to be hand drawn, but preferably still a smooth blue colour)

The banner would have the same gradient background, with the same digital text on either side of the centre, where the hour glass and the characters would remain (again doesn't have to look incredible).The characters would still preferably be custom drawn (but simple/cartoon looking). As for the smoke combining, a few bubbles and smoke bits rising from the cigar and the flask would be sufficient in hindsight.

Again we aren't very original so any further suggestions are more than welcome, and i hope that this request is more reasonable.

Thanks again
I think it's best I refer you here: http://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk/tenders-services-required-forum/8-please-read-before-posting-replying-requests-very-important-t-cs.html

As a graphic designer, I wouldn't even accept triple your offer. With all due respect, I think you may need to look elsewhere for more amateur, up and coming designers/illustrators or maybe students that are looking for work to get in a bit of practise or something. You could maybe get in contact with other 'Youtubers' and request the work to be done by a 'Youtube GFX Artist.'

It is an honest mistake, as I am sure you didn't know what kind of fees are charged by professionals but this isn't the place to offer £80 for even just the logo alone, without all the other stuff you've requested!

Good luck in your search, it's sounds like you know exactly what you're after.
I hope that i didn't offend or belittle anyone as i was unaware of the sort of rate that professionals charge (a fault of my own, i should have researched more thoroughly). I'm extremely grateful for your reply and i will certainly take your advice and try to find more realistic alternatives elsewhere.

Thanks for your reply and advice
I hate to mention it, but it sounds you need to try somewhere like PeoplePerHour.
The problem with sites like PeoplePerHour, or 99Designs, etc. is that they usually tend to rip off previous designs that someone else has done, and that could lead to copyright infringements.

I've visited sites that off specular work out just out of curiousity and with a few quick checks on some of the logos being done, or the "winning" logo I usually found the artwork was ripped directly from some other art.


My advice would be to save up and eventually get yourself a professional designed set of logos and artwork.

It may cost a a little bit of money, but in the end you'll have a lasting and very usable logo that will be memorable and original.