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Hi There,

Thanks for reading. My name is Chris Hamilton (Toast Recordings), a Producer / Engineer and Studio Manager from Manchester UK. I am currently in the process of setting up an independent record label called Cut Records. The label is in the early stages of development so I'm hoping to meet and build relationships with artworks and designers who are genuinely interested in working in the field of music, designing for the label and helping to develop an image for the artists. Design is a huge part of the development of this Label so hopefully we can work more together. This is unpaid work and without going into lots of detail about the plans publicly, I'm just putting some feelers out to see if anyone would be interested. I know unpaid is never a good thing in any profession but I'm hoping that people would see potential to be involved.

Love to chat with anyone interested.

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Yeah my bad. Wording probably doesn't do the post justice and I've noticed there is partnership section which would better suit what I'm trying post about. I by no means would degrade anyone. Im asking more to get a discussion going with designers and take it from there. I've done partnership work in my profession for free to help build and form further recognition for work and actually make some art direction. It's all about if you have a passion to be in the industry along with my self, and can see a long game. Hope that comes across sensibley.

However, if you'd like to send me your bank details I have 1 million Ugandan dollars waiting.
Fair enough. Our Partnership section is typically for people who want to offer a service in exchange for another service of equal value, or a service and a fee if valuations do not quite match sufficiently for both parties. In other words, nothing in the tenders & services section can be acceptably posted without an exchange of service (swap) or more beneficial to most, a respectable amount of cold hard cash.

Maybe this would be more suited in the business section of the forum, if it's just a discussion you would like to have for now to see if there is any interest in your proposal.

I'm sure a mod will move this to the appropriate section.
Feel free to open another thread in the right section and fully explain the partnership.

This is closed for now. Be aware that anything purporting to be free work for an unfair exchange of services will be immediately deleted without any warning.

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