Another 'critique my site' thread :)


Hi all,

I'm fairly new here. Hoping to learn a lot and help others in return :)

First off, I'd love to hear opinions of my site for freelance stuff.

I know it's got some errors and some downfalls, but rather than list them and explain bits or make excuses, I'd rather hear what you guys think think straight off.

Oh, and here's my old version for comparison if anyone cares.

Please feel free to criticise, but also, please be constructive! If you don't like it, say why and what you would improve. Unhelpful comments not needed thanks :)

Thanks in advance!

Hey Doug

I am no expert, however, it is definitely and improvement on the old site, the 2 things that stand out for me are...

1) The header just seems too big height wise pushing everything down, too much plain wasted space above and below the bar with the search box on. Can you not incorporate the nav in there somewhere? :icon_dunno:

2) Your logo and text doesn't sit well on the gradient background, it looks tatty around the edges, it's either the gradient making it look like that or you have saved it with too much optimisation or something.

Hope that helps, i'm sure others will have opinions on it.
Cheers for the comments :)

The header is a tricky one for me. Some days I like it and some days I don't. The logo and text proved very difficult to get a good optimised save from for some reason - seemed fine on screen before the save out to web. I'll have a fiddle at some point and see if I can get it out cleaner. Will also consider size and adjustments of placement.


I agree, the header is the biggest problem, the rest looks good. I think the header is too big and the logo is slightly blurry. IMO I would tone it down a bit.

Looks good though
Im no expert, and Please don't quote me on this, But the site looks a little too busy for a design site

I myself see the layout more as technical/computer based site, but like i said, don't quote me.

Good Luck

Thanks for taking the time to look guys :)

The header does seem to be the main issue. I'll hopefully have time to fiddle in the following week.

I myself see the layout more as technical/computer based site, but like i said, don't quote me.

Thanks Kye, I see your point - your kind of right... in my head my targets are consumers/potential clients and from my experience they see design (especially web design) as a rather technical area. I'm in the process of thinking up new designs for my personal site which I hope to make far more 'designy'.