AI designer/s Required.


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My name is Jason

Im starting a Business called 'Pure Fine 999' making personalised coins.
And am looking for Graphic designers who work in Adobe.
They must be high quality Vetcor. (im sure you relise this)

Also clients often send graphics of logos etc which are not vector usually JPG at 300Kb this is to pixelated and produces to many jaggys on the finished product.
So what Im also looking for is someone who would sit and trace such a file into vector.

Experience in designing for laser machines would be a huge advantage.

These are a couple of design examples,,



As you can see there are no Colours apart from Grey scale, and the metal colour.

Any feedback on the designs would be appriciated.

Any payment to be negotiated on experience and capabilitys, or your hourly rate.
This could be a nice earner for imagnative students, or experienced designers who are bored of the same old stuff.
(note all copyright and rights of any final approved design to move over to 'Pure Fine 999' on final payment)

Please PM me or leave your details below if you are interested, and I can fill you in with more information :icon_biggrin:


Are you looking for individuals to work with you or are you prepared to place this work with a company?

Are you aware of spelling mistake in 2nd to last coin?

'Persented' rather than 'Presented'.

Were they just quickies for the post?