A little (searchbar) help would be amazing <3


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hey guys im in the process of making a really simple site, all i really need is the code for a similar "search bar" like the world famous imdb bar,

i love how it predicts/suggests what your going to say next so you can easily click on the completed title below... Advanced Search

obviously i want it to suggest my own "titles" which i can implement into the coding etc...

im pretty new the the website building world,

anyhelp would be very appreciated, many thanks!

superted x

p.s im building my site on iweb, eek! lol i know, but it really is quite simple...
all i have for a search bar atm is this

<form method="get" action="YOUR SITE HERE" />
<input type="text" name="Q" />
<input type="submit" value="Search" />

Which is aesthetically what i want it to look like, but quite clearly is useless atm
Internal search bars tend to be for database driven sites. You could look at integrated Google Search perhaps.
Hi Corrosive, thanks for the reply

awesome, yes a database driven site is exactly what i need, would it be easy enough so make said site using iweb? i or would i need something more sophisticated?

heres a few pics to give you an idea of what i want to achieve...



so basically it gives me suggestive results below, and when i click search on the correct name it just gives
the information directly below it.

i know i need a pretty extensive movie list in my datebase..

but i like the basic feel and bareness to it :p

many thanks,

That's a good starting point for the client side 'suggested results' from Chris_17 but you are still going to need to have your content in a database to conduct a meaningful search. You could either start learning some MySQL and PHP to create your site and manage the content or use one of the out-of-the-box CMS (Content Management Systems) available out there as the framework for your website.

I have no idea if iWeb goes into databases at all. I've not used it but believe it's like FrontPage for the Apple Generation. Dreamweaver has PHP support but the code it writes is terrible because it is second guessing what you want to do in order to write code for you. It would rather put all the code in and then switch off what you don't need than just writing what you need... If that makes sense!
Hey Corrosive,

Funnily enough i was just reading up about MySQL and PHP last night, so that looks like the way to go. I'm not sure if these CMS based systems will do the job for what i want?

Im pretty certain iweb doesn't support database's... I'm assuming the hosting provider will though...

If i can't do this website alone, do you roughly know how much it would cost for a pro like yourself to set up the Basics for me, then i can take over from there, i.e manage/edit the database and look of the website..

Many thanks,

I'm not sure if these CMS based systems will do the job for what i want?

CMS are very flexible, you'd be surprised. What exactly is your project. I could give more guidance then.

If i can't do this website alone, do you roughly know how much it would cost for a pro like yourself to set up the Basics for me, then i can take over from there, i.e manage/edit the database and look of the website..

Well, again depends on the project. Perhaps see how you get on with some prods in the right direction and then PM me if/when you need some extra help and I can price it up. :icon_smile:

Oh really, i looked at Joomla and was slightly baffled hah, any nice product suggestions?

well the Project is quite simple really, it is a basic site of 1 page.. consisting of a Search bar like in the screen shots, it will only consist of "Movie Titles".

so if you type in The Hangover Part II for example and click search...

(no loading other pages etc..) Instantly below the search bar will be

"The Hangover Part II (2011)" including.. some basic info on the movie.

and i like the idea of suggestive drop down titles relating to the first letters that have been typed...

similar to the imdb.com website but without the pictures :p

Cheers :p
Could use Wordpress and custom post types?

Although a bespoke system would probably work a lot better, are you requiring users to add records to the database from the front-end or would it just be an 'admin style' action?
Well that sounds fairly straightforward. You'll need a three column table in your database; index (essential) as an automatic integer, movie name and details. Then a php select statement (i.e. select all xxx from xxx where movie title = what the user has searched for and then echo out the resulting table contents into HTML.

then you can use Chris_17's javascript suggestion to give it more of a 'live search' feel.

If you want to learn PHP then this set of tutorials is great; PHP 101 (part 1): Down the Rabbit Hole It will give you all you need to build what you want (and more).

Dive in mate, it's the only way!
Chris: Thanks for the reply, my site wont require any users to add in records to the database, they can solely just type in a movie name of choice and see a small amount of info directly below the search bar, so it would only be me that can add new tites to the database :)

Corrosive: Cheers for the reply and advice sounds exciting and i would really love to make this, ill start reading that tutorial and see how i get on, :') if my brain decides to fail and give up on me i shall pm you for professional help.

so MySQL, / PHP is defiantly the way to go? remember i don't want my site to look anything like a blog etc.. just plain/bare and simple with a search box in the middle, kinda like googles front page!

.........Splash :D
As Corrosive said, just go for it, if you have any problems just post them on here, download XAMPP and have a play!

Remember as well to consider if you want to query the database for an exact match from the user or similar.