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    In need of a Logo Designer

    In the guy's defence, maybe they are just ignorant about the use of stock images being used in logos?
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    logo 'tweak'

    I don't understand what you mean by 'best practice'. You either want the work or you don't. Why did you not feel comfortable about redesigning someone's logo?
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    Circle Distorting

    It's not A circle, for a start, it would have to be two circles. What software are you using?
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    Advice on logo design for long name

    Could've been worse, good job it wasn't the Texas Institute of Teachers of Science.
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    Advice on logo design for long name

    The obvious route would to have the acronym really big and the rest as small as you can get it underneath in two lines. The problems increase if they want a mark too. Personally I would avoid it and just do something with the namestyle, or keep it really simple with a distinctive font. A quick...
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    Font Help

    That's almost certainly been hand-drawn (badly) as none of the repeated letters are anything like each other.
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    Why graphic design is important for any business?

    There's nothing wrong with it being for a project of course, but the question is far too generic and simple. Save time?!
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    Why graphic design is important for any business?

    I think someone's got a project to do during the Easter hols.
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    Pricing Advice

    Well, I've seen a lot better designs on <<removed>>, is that any help?
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    Advice for getting work/representation as an illustrator

    Hey Rosie, it looks like you have my problem in that your pencil sketches often look better than the finished illustrations! That fox is lovely. :) Yes, I think you would need a bit more experience before you would interest any illustration agencies, not that I have much experience of those...
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    Still running Photoshop 6 . . . but will upgrading OS render it unusable?

    It's only that much if you want the whole suite. I think storage is limited, otherwise it's £20 single app price.
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    Still running Photoshop 6 . . . but will upgrading OS render it unusable?

    Pretty sure you can still get Photoshop on its own for around £10 a month. Check it out on a trial, might be best to upgrade your os fully though.
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    Need portfolio critiques (student)!

    You need a lot more design work on there to interest potential employers. The illustrations aren't really illustrations, they're just student art projects. Employers won't be interested in that or the photography. If you need to push the illustration side then you need to make it more relevant...
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    New to the forums - looking for people with the same interests

    Ok, so it's basically a retro, 50s/60s design style. What do you mean, that you 'gravitate towards' that style? Surely it will depend on the brief you are given by client, unless you're hoping to produce your own posters maybe. I'm not sure what you're hoping to get on here, this isn't a...
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    Website critique required

    Where's the waterfall?! I had to hunt a bit to find out what D-Mannose is, but I don't get the waterfall connotation. You have green packaging and a pink flower banner, but not a waterfall in sight. It's all a bit confusing when your company name is totally different again. The site and...