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    Best Sites of 2008

    Yeah, I know it's a bit early to be making these kind of lists but towards the end of 2007 most sites that were flooding through my RSS feeds from CSS galleries all began to look the same, like they were being made by a factory of robots! So I've been very pleased at some of the sites that...
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    6 Web Freebies I Couldn't Live Without

    Blogger - Free Blogging Platform (Only allowed to include 4 images) I know, it's simple but it suits me down to the ground. Wordpress amazes me the way it's advanced over the years but I never needed any of the addons and bonuses that Wordpress offers. I first used blogger for a client I had...
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    Smoke and Type

    Smoke + Type on the Behance Network
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    Liu Zheng Design

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    I am always hungry

    IAAH&#153 / v6
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    Marketing Ideas??

    Should be much better now, worth every penny, you should also add stumbleupon to your social bookmarks...,images/vbseo/stum.gif,Stumble this Thread,Stumble this Post!
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    It seems to be the skin, if you switch to VB skin you can see all the menus there
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    I have no quick links menu at the top that contains the new posts option and social groups etc. It's run using the YUI now.
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    Various Lightbox Options

    There's so many about and so many different styles I thought I'd share some of them here... Slimbox LightWindow Lightview phatfusion : multibox prettyPhoto - jQuery lightbox clone - by Stephane Caron iBox - Lightweight inline popup Shadowbox.js Media Viewer YUI Lightbox Demo - Code Central...
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    My Latest Logo Designs

    Thought I'd share some of my work before I start commenting on others.... Logo Design UK This is my logo design portfolio as it stands, could do with a little bit of an update but any comments are quite welcome.
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    How to drive Graphic Designer MAD....

    Or exel!! RGB files needed as spots
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    Fernando Medina 1985

    Poster for a Canadian National Railway Pavilion, designed by Fernando Medina 1985. Canadian Graphic Design on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    Do you have the new posts option disabled? I'm missing a menu bar somewhere?
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    Marketing Ideas??

    VBSEO is the best way mate, but I would also suggest having a surporting blog, the more readers you get the more traffic to here, also you can then control the incoming keywords in the anchor links.